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Rocking with Green Eyed Lady

Jenn Eckart is the Green Eyed Lady. Having a great voice and playing the bass guitar in a rock band as a woman is relatively rare.​ Here is Jenn's top 10 list of comments made to her at clubs that reveal people's hidden assumptions regarding female musicians: 10. "I've never seen a female bass player before." 9. "Can I carry that bass for you? That's too heavy for you to be carrying around. You should let the bass player carry their own guitar." 8. "I am cliche. You, on the other hand, are not cliche." 7. "So you are female, you are talented, an ectomorph and anatomically correct. How come you are not nationally famous?" (thank you for that one!) 6. "Are you here to see the band?" 5. "So your band doesn't have a bass player?" 4. " the band going to let you sing with them tonight?" 3. "I see you, I see the drummer, I see the where's the bass player?" 2. "You're here pretty must be a serious groupie." 1. "You're carrying must be married to someone in the band."

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